Roekaar Occupation

APEX, Kandros here. We’re tracking a development at an angara facility codename Firebase Aqua that’s been taken by a Roekaar cell. We need to get in there and take it back. Evfra de Tershav, leader of the Angaran Resistance, has asked to address you directly.


Soldiers, this is Evfra de Tershav – Let’s talk about the Roekaar.

The Roekaar are angara, but I assure you they are our mutual enemy. They must be confronted and eliminated. I hate the Roekaar, and I want to tell you why:

Among my mothers, I had a favorite (most angara do but won’t admit it). I loved my mother Joevett because she was unshakeable and passionate in her beliefs, but she showed more kindness and empathy than anyone I knew. She taught me that empathy was not weakness, but strength.

She was also our family’s storyteller. She loved to recount the forgotten stories of Voeld before the Scourge: its massive cities, its technology, its life. Once, she built an instrument from a description in an ancient poem—it looked wrong and played no music. One day, she brought all the siblings and cousins to a mountain so we could throw it over the edge and blast it with shotguns. Laughter was important then.

Not long after, the kett took my family. “Scooped them up”, as we say. My mother Joevett wasn’t there that day, so she wasn’t taken—but she was changed forever. You see, the Roekaar prey on survivors like her. A cell recruited her to fight the kett—then the “Milky Way intruders”, and finally… her own people.

I came face-to-face with her on the battlefield recently. Resistance vs. Roekaar. My favorite mother looked at me with the kindness and empathy that I remembered… then she shot me. I don’t know what happened to her after that, but at that moment I vowed to fight the Roekaar until Heleus is rid of their hatred and lies. The kind of evil that makes a mother shoot her own son.

The kett took my family, but the Roekaar took my heart. We must end them.

Evfra out.