Chasing Roekaar Intelligence

URGENT: Highly sensitive and timely information.


Forwarded to Nexus Command by Angaran Resistance:

Resistance Intelligence Intercept

Parties: Between Unknown Combatant at Firebase Aqua and Roekaar Command on Voeld

Begin translation:

[UNKNOWN ROEKAAR] Commander, we’re under imminent attack but our hackers have discovered exciting, unexpected intel.

[COMMANDER OJAEG]  Go ahead. This channel is secure.

[UNKNOWN ROEKAAR] We’ve discovered a systemic weakness in the Milky Way enemy’s shield tech that our scientists can exploit.

[COMMANDER OJAEG] Incredible news. We can bring our enemies down, all at once. Transmit the intel to the outpost on Voeld. Once we figured out exactly how we want to deliver our ‘code bomb’, we can send instructions out to all of our bases.

[UNKNOWN ROEKAAR] Beginning transmission now.

[COMMANDER OJAEG] You’ve just saved the lives of many of your Roekaar brothers and sisters. Such heroics won’t go unrewarded.

Transmission ended


Commander Kandros, Evfra has asked me to pass the above correspondence to you at once. He urges you that this intel can’t be allowed to be disseminated from that base on Voeld. It would be disastrous, deadly, to both the Initiative and Resistance causes.

Good Luck to you and your troops.