Hunting Kett with a Krogan Gladiator

APEX. Nakmor Drack here. Your boss Kandros said I could address you pyjaks directly. Big mistake.

Here’s the deal. After the swarm of trouble that went down on the Nexus when we got to Andromeda, the krogan decided we’d… stretch our legs a little. Morda had me scout out whatever this Heleus clusterfuck had to offer. I handpicked a bunch of degenerates to help. All krogan, of course. They formed up, paired off, and headed for what waited.

My orders were simple: “Find some plants? Pick ’em. Find some bad guys? Pick ’em off. And maybe find us some salvage.”

Then a bunch of my scouts went missing. Gone without a word. Pretty sure that means kett. They’re good soldiers, so it must’ve been some ambush.

I’m sure they’re still out there somewhere. Krogan don’t die easy.

Kandros and I compared notes, and we think we got a lead. You APEX are the lucky bastards who get to check it out. Just not without a krogan. We’re assigning one of our best to keep you honest. A biotic. They call her a “gladiator” and for good reason: she’ll smash a beast in the face and make you clap for it. Even fought with Aralakh Company back home.

With a gladiator on your team, you’re bound to find something. If what you find is my scouts, tell ‘em I’m proud. And remind them what I said when they left New Tuchanka: “A wound’s as a good as a medal and a loss is as good as a win—if you learn from it.”



Good morning. I’ll keep this brief—I know you’d rather be in the field. If we haven’t met, I’m Tiran Kandros. I guess I run the militia here on the Nexus. But I need teams out in the Heleus Cluster: defending our outposts, hunting down key targets, and pushing back enemy forces before they threaten the station. I need elite soldiers and operatives who think on their feet, protecting the Initiative and our allies at any cost.

That’s where you come in. Welcome to APEX.

I’ve seen the dangers of the Heleus Cluster up close. My scouting team was taken by the kett. We got a front-row view of their “experiments.” Counter-terrorism doesn’t prepare you for that kind of butchery.

How did we escape? First, let’s clear one thing up: I wasn’t a “hero.” My restraints were loose, that’s all. The kett were too… busy to notice they’d left a gun lying around. Once I’d freed the rest of the team, we taught the kett a lesson. I still don’t know why everyone acted like I was in charge, even after we got back to the Nexus. But that’s how the militia got started: with good people who knew what we were up against.

Besides the kett, we’ve got bands of outlaws and exiles, out for revenge against the Initiative, or credits, or both. And now Pathfinder Ryder’s team has reported these strange “Remnant” machines who can threaten an entire outpost if they’re provoked. You, and the rest of your APEX colleagues, are our first line of defense.

Today’s mission will show us what you’re capable of. The krogan have lost contact with several of their patrols. We’ve tracked the scouts’ last known position to a kett-controlled world—which means trouble. I need you to get down there, hack the kett systems, and bring back any intel on what they’re up to.

This could be the first move of a larger plan by the kett. I don’t like it. But I trust you to get the job done.

Good luck, APEX.

Welcome to APEX HQ!

APEX HQ Launch Dates 
March 15, 2017
Canada, Ireland, Romania and Singapore

March 20, 2017

APEX HQ is the Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer companion app, and it’s your way to stay connected outside of the game. But how exactly does it work? Don’t worry – keep reading for a quick primer on everything you’ll need to know about APEX HQ.

First Steps
When you log in, make sure it’s with the same EA Account linked to the PC or console that you’re using to play Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you haven’t played multiplayer yet, you won’t have much data appearing in the app, but you’ll be able to track your progression as you start playing matches and unlocking characters, items and rewards.

To check that you’re using the correct EA account to sign in, you can open the Settings menu in-game, go to ‘Online’ and select ‘View EA account email.’ This will tell you the email of the EA Account associated with Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you’re using the wrong account, you can log out and back in with the correct one at any time.

Using the App
Now that you’ve signed in, it’s time to see what APEX HQ can do. We’ve highlighted some key features in each section:

• Here, you’ll get a snapshot of your multiplayer progression so far.
• Each widget on the homepage is customizable – you choose which ones to show or hide, and the order they appear.
• Tap ‘Send Feedback’ to report a bug, suggest an improvement or just let us know what you think.

• See who you’ve unlocked so far, mark your favorites for later, and set an active character for your next match.
• Adjust your active character’s loadout before jumping in to multiplayer. Here, you can equip, swap and modify weapons so you’ll be ready to play at a moment’s notice.
• Further your active character’s skill tree progression by spending points to learn skills, or re-spec them entirely.

Strike Teams
• Send out Strike Teams from in-app in return for in-game rewards for successful missions.
• Recruit and equip new teams for greater chances of success.
• Customize team names and descriptions for fighting force that’s uniquely yours.

• Track your progress as you unlock characters, rewards and inventory items in the Collections section.
• Watch as you rise through the ranks in the global leaderboards, and see how you stack up against your friends.
• See how you’re doing in multiplayer challenges, check out achievements you’ve unlocked so far (and the ones you haven’t), and view your progression towards each bonus stat.

• View details all APEX missions currently available. You can also see which missions you’ve already completed, and when incomplete ones expire.
• Get all the latest news and updates on what’s happening in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer.
• Window shop and see new store items available for purchase in game.

…And more!

For more information on APEX HQ, check out our EA Help guide, or reach out to us with your questions on Twitter.