Unraveling the Remnant

Interdepartmental Communications Log – Nexus Tech Labs

[Tech Lab VI] Remnant Artifacts #43-#51 Added to Work Queue

[Prof. Herik] More Remnant artifacts, delivered for study! I’ve left them on your workbenches.

[Chief Lucan] C’mon, Herik, at least Ryder’s team wipes their finds down first. Now there’s silica dust all over.

[Tech Lab VI] Janitorial Notification: Sent to Superintendent Kesh

[Dr. Aridana] Chief, may I take Artifact #47? I would like to run some tests.

[Chief Lucan] Reassigning to you. Got something cooking?

[Dr. Aridana] Perhaps. APEX’s last operation disrupted the Archon’s attempts to reactivate a Remnant device, and allowed their intelligence division to intercept the base’s transmissions. Many of them discuss the kett’s attempts to datamine the device and understand Remnant code.

[Dr. Aridana] Why does the Archon have such an interest in particular Remnant locations and artifacts? I believe that, with a touch of subterfuge, we could use the Archon’s own insatiable curiosity to find out.

[Prof. Herik] Oh?

[Dr. Aridana] I plan to write a tracer program that uses Remnant code as a disguise. If uploaded at just the right location, one where the kett have been active—

[Prof. Herik] —the kett might download it in their Remnant investigations, and be none the wiser! Like a corivel mistaking a coral-banded traxus for a balkus grub, and taking it back to its nest! Ha!

[Chief Lucan] …right. ‘Course.

[Tech Lab VI] Database Information Request: Coral-Banded Traxus / Balkus Grub

[Dr. Aridana] With the tracer hidden in kett systems, we could have insight into the Archon’s schemes. But it must be uploaded at a Remnant site the kett are still investigating. That is no easy task.

[Chief Lucan] Didn’t APEX find a Remnant structure the Archon was interested in?

[Dr. Aridana] If they would be willing to set foot in there again, and if they can upload the tracer… this could unravel whatever web the Archon is weaving.

[Tech Lab VI] APEX Operation Proposal: Sent to Tiran Kandros